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We are sculptors with over twenty years experience in masonry work, specialising in restoration of statuary, marble, stone and granite memorials, church furnishings and fireplaces.

During this time we have also designed bespoke memorials with hand cut lettering of the highest standard and fireplaces to clients exact specifications. With our knowledge of materials and artistic flair we can bring the personal touch and inspiration to your project in stone.

We also advise on the best way to maximum the life of your stone, whether a fireplace, garden ornamentation or churchyard memorial.


We provide a wide variety of services, incorporating all aspects of masonry, using traditional skills to realise your requirements.

Not every stone surface or carving is suitable for gold leaf, indeed some ie; marble repels the leaf, so is wholly unsuitable. However where necessary gilding can enhance the natural stone finish, here are some examples.

Sometimes when choosing a Stone memorial a hand crafted, bespoke design fits your requirements. This highly personal and difficult decision can be realised in stone, providing you with a beautiful memorial which will stand the test of time. Some previous clients designs are here.

When choosing a fireplace it is always crucial to take in the aspect of the room and home where you are fitting one. Quite often this decision can be rushed with disastrous results. Designing and building a hand crafted fireplace can be very satisfying, instead of all the 'shop' bought standard designs why not have your very own in your living room? Here are some bespoke fireplaces.

A stone floor can transform a room or living space into something truly special, utilising granite or marble or indeed any stone material here are some examples.

Traditional stonemasonry can cover a myriad of different aspects from memorials to the humble house plaque, from fireplaces to ecclesiastical furniture, here are some more examples of previous work.

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